Shut Yo’ Ass Up


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Hey y’all! Y’all got to check out this short urban relationship book. Funny, short, and full of rhymes.  It’s $1.99  on amazon! So go scoop up a copy!


(Excerpt)You and E.S.P.N should hook up since you all in its face. I can walk by the TV butt ass naked and you won’t even flake.

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Hey boo’s!!!


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Hey y’all, I hope everyone is doing good! I be trying my damnest to blog more, but between my small t-shirt business and other bs I have going, it’s placed on the back burner. Speaking of small t-shirt business, y’all should go check out my website! You may see a funny t-shirt that you would like to order! is the web address:)

Anywho, y’all remember my last post I was talking about co-parenting and all that good shit. Well, this question was brought to my attention and I really need y’all’s input on this one for real! So plse comment on this:)

Question I was asked: How can you be upset over the death of  your alleged child’s father when he wasn’t even in the child’s life and he’s married with three other children? He never acknowledged the 2 year old and he hasn’t had any contact with you ever since the beginning of your pregnancy with the child. How can you be so upset over a man you slept with whom you barely knew anything about?

Now before I go further, I saw this person on facebook saying she was crying her eyes out and couldn’t stop crying. So other people were messaging saying they were sorry for HER loss….HER loss? I know a little bit about this person so I felt compelled to inbox her a message. I said, I’m sorry for your child’s loss. I didn’t get a response. Did I sound too impersonally?

My thing is first of all you slept with a man you KNEW was married. According to my reports. He was at fault just as much as she was, I’m not pointing fingers there. But he wanted nothing to do with you or your child. Why would you be so upset over this man’s death? Maybe because there’s no chance the kid will ever know his father. But would he have known him anyway? He wanted nothing to do with  you or the child period. The wife found out about the child via the “baby momma” blasting him on facebook along with a picture of the child and the father’s picture side by side, saying this is his father, don’t they look alike? Adding that she didn’t give a damn who went back to tell her.

My thing is why are you so heart broken? Because you can’t harass him anymore, or for your child’s sake? What do y’all think? Come on na’ with some feedback.



What it do boo’s?


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If you have a child and you are not with the father or mother but you’re co-parenting, I feel that it’s only right to introduce your new man/woman to that child’s father/mother. If they aren’t in the picture, well hell, y’all know the rest. But like I said, if you’re co-parenting, let them meet your new prospect. Meet in a mutual place and introduce the person in a respectable way. Even if the two of you don’t get along, be the bigger person and introduce them anyway. Its only fair for whomever to know what kind of man/woman their child will be around. I’m just saying, this is only my opinion.

And if you are in a relationship where there’s a kid, treat that kid like their your own. Be genuine about the shit. Don’t just be nice all because you’re trying to earn browine points with the mother/father. Be real about the shit. Kids come with the package. You have to want the whole pie, not just a slice of it.

Midnight oil


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Hey y’all what’s happening? know I be missing from days to weeks at a time, but a sista be busy. I’m gonna do better tho:).

Any who, I’m gonna touch on intimacy in the relationship. I rarely touch on this subject, but that’s gonna change. Who knows about that midnight oil? That midnight oil is the mixture of you and your mates hot, sultry, messy sweat and saliva during your intimate moments. If you don’t have that midnight oil blending in with that hot sweaty sex, you gots to change up your sex sessions. Make the shit passionate and heated. Pull hair, slap ass, bite lips and tease where and how you see fit.(oooh yes!)  Don’t just go in for a quick fix, (quickie), go in for the long haul. See who will taps out first.

Oh, and don’t get me wrong. Sometimes quickies are some shit made from heaven. But don’t make it a habit. Get into the groove of things. Make some toes curl and catch a damn cramp. Get all the way in there. Good sex can keep ya’ spouse from straying…(most of the time) Good sex with other issues may not work out so well….I’m just saying.


V-tines Day


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Hey y’all!

Valentines day is approaching and I know some of you are excited about putting a smile on your mates face. Folks will become engaged, some will receive bouquets of roses and some will get candy and teddy bears. Love will be in the air. Now, for those of you who aren’t faithful in the relationship and who may have more than one face to put a smile upon, shame on you! Will you spend the day with your main squeeze, or will you spend it with the outsider? That’s too much shit to put up with when you’re cheating.

See folks don’t think about this kinda stuff until it happens. Days like v-tines day your side pc is gonna except to spend the day with you. If not the day, then most of the day. What will you tell your main boo to get away to spend time with the other person? I know some folks can pop this off without a hitch, but someone isn’t gonna be happy with the outcome. Oh, unless you spend the day before with the side pc, that should keep everything grounded. V-tines day SHOULD be a day where you spoil your main boo, not some outsider. It’s a day to shower your man or woman with romantic gifts and treats. Love who you’re with. If yo’ ass can’t be a one woman’s man or a one mans woman, you should try to have an open relationship with ya’ damn self.  Meaning just date, don’t settle until you know you’re ready. So when the holidays come around or special days like valentines day, you won’t have to break any hearts or cause turmoil.




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Hey y’all! Check out this short snippet from my new novella SexRender. It’s gonna be a damn good read!



The songs slowed even more. We grew closer. Too close. I couldn’t deny this now. I had to own up to the moment. His eyes slowly shuffled to mine. We lost ourselves in each others stance. His alluring grey eyes summonsed  me. Our lips inched closer as the gaze grew more intense. All movement ceased, except for our lips. They touched, never leaving each other. The kiss intensified. Drunken saliva swirled around as our tongues tangoed.





Shut Yo’ Ass UP


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Hey y’all I have a new short relationship book out on for only .99 cents called Shut Yo’ Ass Up. It is an urban relationship read, so if you’re into that, go download you a copy. It’s funny, matter factual dating situations, and short. A quick easy breezy read that some of you can relate to. It’s mainly for the females, but hey fella’s, you can still download a copy for the laughs and to see how we really feel sometimes. Ck it out!





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“Why blather?” A smirk chimed across his lips. “Time will tell if you can breathe without my touch Ales.” I wanted to smack the dimple that rested in his chin.

“I’m breathing now aren’t I?” My long slender legs moved slowly across the shiny marble floor towards the door. I reached out for the brass handle and twist it counter clock wise, and flung open the door, “You may leave Channing.” His chiseled jaw line flinched, as his eyes narrowed. I could smell the arrogance through his pores.


If you wan to read something hot, hot, hot, this is gonna be your book! Drama, relationship issues, sex…did I say sex? lol..




5 Must do’s for 2016


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5 new years resolutions to follow.

  1. Love yourself more. PERIOD!
  2. Live life how YOU see fit.
  3. Not in a serious relationship? Date, have fun. Don’t move too fast.
  4. Still putting up with the same old bull shit with your mate? Kick they ass to the curve.#2016zerotolerance
  5. Do things that will make you happy. Love, laugh, live. No one can make you happy the way you can.

Side note:

If you’re ready for change or growth and your mate is lagging behind. Help pursue them to go to the next level with you. If their dragging you down to the point you can’t grow or move to the next level. They may not be the one for you. It’s a new year, and most couples are focused on doing more and having more as a team. If you’re not on the same page, that shit will not work. Don’t let nobody stunt ya’ growth.

Yes, another snippet:)


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Hey guys, I hope you all enjoy the short snippets I’ll be posting from my newest novella, SexRender.


Some of you may can relate:)


You’re just an afterthought, nothing more. What we shared was only temporary, no feelings were involved. There’s no need to reminisce. I understand that you miss me, but there won’t be another chance. No, don’t touch me. The feel from your hands against my cheek cause me to recoil, no matter how soft the touch.

Coming soon!