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The holidays are here and some of you will be mad as hell because your “boo” have excluded you from his/her family functions. Now now, hush your fuss. You should have known the job description before you signed up for the job. In bold print towards the bottom of the application, it clearly says, PLEASE NOTE* YOU WILL NEVER BE INVITED TO ANY FAMILY FUNCTIONS WHAT SO EVER. THIS RULE IS NONNEGOTIABLE. IF YOU CHOOSE TO ACT A DAMN FOOL OR AN ASS WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO YOU NOT BEING INVITED TO FAMILY FUNCTIONS, YO’ ASS WILL BE FIRED FROM YOUR POSITION AS A SIDE CHIC/ DUDE AND YOU WILL BE REPLACED!

So if you’re a side chic/ dude, this should be all the reason not to be! Ain’t shit cool about messing around with a person whose in a relationship. Get your own damn boo, someone who can take you to family functions during the holidays and family events. Someone who doesn’t mind introducing you to his people. Stop settling and get your own! I know you have to call up ya girl or your homeboy to vent about the shit like you dont give a damn, knowing full well you’re in your feelings. Put on ya big girl draws and ya grown man boxer breifs.Go on and celebrate the holidays with your dog😂. At least he won’t mind snuggling with you while you sit lonley watching netflix waiting to get that text message from yo ” boo”. Yes text message. You’ll be back on the roaster after the holidays pass.