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Hey ya’ll! What it do? been a hot minute since I’ve been blogging, I’m working on doing better:)

Get yo life….

This is for the men and the women. Don’t go getting anxious while waiting for that special someone to enter your life. Becoming anxious can lead you to the wrong person. Often times men and women, mostly women become too eager for a relationship. So eager to the point they will take a man who’s already in a relationship. If he doesn’t give a damn about the relationship he’s in by cheating with you, what in the hell makes you think he won’t do it to you if you were to get him fulltime? What will make you so special? Never settle, cause that’s what you’ll be doing. And on top of that, you’ll only make yourself look bad. Get yo life and take 5 steps back. Wait for a man to come along who can fill that void without any extra luggage.

Some men will run the mill once they’re single. They will try to get as many women as they can just to make themselves feel good about being single. All that will do is cause confusing. You’ll find yourself all over the place trying to please so many women at one time. Get yo life and chill the hell out. Wait for that one special person to enter your life.