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Hey y’all, I hope everyone is doing good! I be trying my damnest to blog more, but between my small t-shirt business and other bs I have going, it’s placed on the back burner. Speaking of small t-shirt business, y’all should go check out my website! You may see a funny t-shirt that you would like to order! http://www.flirtykweentanksandts.com is the web address:)

Anywho, y’all remember my last post I was talking about co-parenting and all that good shit. Well, this question was brought to my attention and I really need y’all’s input on this one for real! So plse comment on this:)

Question I was asked: How can you be upset over the death of  your alleged child’s father when he wasn’t even in the child’s life and he’s married with three other children? He never acknowledged the 2 year old and he hasn’t had any contact with you ever since the beginning of your pregnancy with the child. How can you be so upset over a man you slept with whom you barely knew anything about?

Now before I go further, I saw this person on facebook saying she was crying her eyes out and couldn’t stop crying. So other people were messaging saying they were sorry for HER loss….HER loss? I know a little bit about this person so I felt compelled to inbox her a message. I said, I’m sorry for your child’s loss. I didn’t get a response. Did I sound too impersonally?

My thing is first of all you slept with a man you KNEW was married. According to my reports. He was at fault just as much as she was, I’m not pointing fingers there. But he wanted nothing to do with you or your child. Why would you be so upset over this man’s death? Maybe because there’s no chance the kid will ever know his father. But would he have known him anyway? He wanted nothing to do with  you or the child period. The wife found out about the child via the “baby momma” blasting him on facebook along with a picture of the child and the father’s picture side by side, saying this is his father, don’t they look alike? Adding that she didn’t give a damn who went back to tell her.

My thing is why are you so heart broken? Because you can’t harass him anymore, or for your child’s sake? What do y’all think? Come on na’ with some feedback.