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If you have a child and you are not with the father or mother but you’re co-parenting, I feel that it’s only right to introduce your new man/woman to that child’s father/mother. If they aren’t in the picture, well hell, y’all know the rest. But like I said, if you’re co-parenting, let them meet your new prospect. Meet in a mutual place and introduce the person in a respectable way. Even if the two of you don’t get along, be the bigger person and introduce them anyway. Its only fair for whomever to know what kind of man/woman their child will be around. I’m just saying, this is only my opinion.

And if you are in a relationship where there’s a kid, treat that kid like their your own. Be genuine about the shit. Don’t just be nice all because you’re trying to earn browine points with the mother/father. Be real about the shit. Kids come with the package. You have to want the whole pie, not just a slice of it.