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Hey y’all what’s happening? know I be missing from days to weeks at a time, but a sista be busy. I’m gonna do better tho:).

Any who, I’m gonna touch on intimacy in the relationship. I rarely touch on this subject, but that’s gonna change. Who knows about that midnight oil? That midnight oil is the mixture of you and your mates hot, sultry, messy sweat and saliva during your intimate moments. If you don’t have that midnight oil blending in with that hot sweaty sex, you gots to change up your sex sessions. Make the shit passionate and heated. Pull hair, slap ass, bite lips and tease where and how you see fit.(oooh yes!)  Don’t just go in for a quick fix, (quickie), go in for the long haul. See who will taps out first.

Oh, and don’t get me wrong. Sometimes quickies are some shit made from heaven. But don’t make it a habit. Get into the groove of things. Make some toes curl and catch a damn cramp. Get all the way in there. Good sex can keep ya’ spouse from straying…(most of the time) Good sex with other issues may not work out so well….I’m just saying.