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Hey y’all!

Valentines day is approaching and I know some of you are excited about putting a smile on your mates face. Folks will become engaged, some will receive bouquets of roses and some will get candy and teddy bears. Love will be in the air. Now, for those of you who aren’t faithful in the relationship and who may have more than one face to put a smile upon, shame on you! Will you spend the day with your main squeeze, or will you spend it with the outsider? That’s too much shit to put up with when you’re cheating.

See folks don’t think about this kinda stuff until it happens. Days like v-tines day your side pc is gonna except to spend the day with you. If not the day, then most of the day. What will you tell your main boo to get away to spend time with the other person? I know some folks can pop this off without a hitch, but someone isn’t gonna be happy with the outcome. Oh, unless you spend the day before with the side pc, that should keep everything grounded. V-tines day SHOULD be a day where you spoil your main boo, not some outsider. It’s a day to shower your man or woman with romantic gifts and treats. Love who you’re with. If yo’ ass can’t be a one woman’s man or a one mans woman, you should try to have an open relationship with ya’ damn self.  Meaning just date, don’t settle until you know you’re ready. So when the holidays come around or special days like valentines day, you won’t have to break any hearts or cause turmoil.