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5 new years resolutions to follow.

  1. Love yourself more. PERIOD!
  2. Live life how YOU see fit.
  3. Not in a serious relationship? Date, have fun. Don’t move too fast.
  4. Still putting up with the same old bull shit with your mate? Kick they ass to the curve.#2016zerotolerance
  5. Do things that will make you happy. Love, laugh, live. No one can make you happy the way you can.

Side note:

If you’re ready for change or growth and your mate is lagging behind. Help pursue them to go to the next level with you. If their dragging you down to the point you can’t grow or move to the next level. They may not be the one for you. It’s a new year, and most couples are focused on doing more and having more as a team. If you’re not on the same page, that shit will not work. Don’t let nobody stunt ya’ growth.