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Hey ya’ll what’s up? I’m gonna touch on same sex relationships real quick, just for a min. I have a friend who’s bi-sexual, but he prefers guys. He would tell me about how people try to treat him because of his sexual preference, so I thought I’d touch on the topic:)

First off, you can’t help who you love. Love is love in my eyes. But everyone doesn’t see it that way. But who are they to judge? There are more openly gay relationships now than ever, because most of society has accepted it just as it is. It’s not going anywhere, get use to it. there no need to give the side eye or turn your nose up when you see a same sex couple, hell, they ain’t messed up about yo’ ass, so why be messed up about them? They aint tripping on you, so why trip on them? I know there is a lot of people who are against it, and that’s fine, but keep those inner thoughts to ya’self and let them live their lives how they see fit, just as you live yours how you see fit.