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Hey ya’ll, whats been cracking? I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been busy as hell lately. I hope all is well with you guys.

Im gonna drop some advise real quick and keep it moving:)

This is for men and women. If you’re in a relationship, act like it. Why invest time into your significant other only to go out looking for a side pc? Be with who you’re with. Cheating can take a lot out of you, and especially if the outside person requires too much of your time. It’s not even worth the drama. Now if you feel like the relationship that you’re in isn’t working, then call it quits, don’t cheat and fk off with the next bimbo. I call them all bimbo’s, males or females. And if they are aware that you’re in a relationship, but still want to carry on a sideline relationship with you, they aint about shit either. What good do you think they will be to you, if you were to date them fulltime? Exactly…..