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Hey guys, I’m keeping this short and to the point. Actuallt this post is manly for the fella’s, because they are the MAIN one’s guilty of doing this.

Fella’s, if you’re trolling around on fb, meaning hoeing around on the book, plse stop. There is nothing cute about you inboxing every chic who you think is cute or has a great body. If you have a woman, she will eventually find out about you and your trolling. FB is NOT a damn dating site. It should NEVER be a site for you to hit on other women if you have one currently. It looks even worse if your girl is tagging you in things saying how much she loves you and how she’s out with the boo today, all the while the same females you’ve been inboxing talking slick to see her post that you’re tagged in. That shit right there can make her look like a damn fool! How you may ask. Because she publically protesting her love all the while, you’re trying to woo the next person. What makes you think they want you if you’re doing disrespectful shit behind the girls back you’re with? Get your shit together. Stay off fb and find a new hobby. Go rake some damn leaves or something, and stop being a damn fb hoe!