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What’s up ya’ll?  hope the day is going good for ya’. And I also hope you do a review on my novel Foolish At Forty, if you had the chance to get it for free:)

Today I want to touch on the subject of men gossiping like females. This guy I know breaks up with his gf damn near every week. How do I know this? Because he plasters it on fb. He goes on to say how she doesn’t do this and how she doesn’t do that. How she’s insecure and crazy as hell. She put his tires on flat one day and pulled a knife on him. How do I know? Because he plastered the shit on fb. Then one instance, she takes his clothes and throws them on the front lawn, after chasing him down the street with a meat clever, how do I know, because he put the crazy ass girl on blast on fb.

But the killing part of it all is he takes her back within days, just to break up with her all over again. I’ve never known a man to tell his business to everyone. This is a first for me. That’s such a bitch move in my eyes. Females are known to run their mouths and talk mad shit about their ex But guys? Hell naw. Never heard of such a thing. But now, I do know that they exists. Men, plse don’t do it….women don’t need to either, but we get a pass, we’re emotional creature..:)

Kassie Leigh Perkins