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What it do guys and gals? I know I’ve been away for a bit, but truth be told, I’ve been busy writing! But hey, I’m here now to write up a good old post.:)

I want to talk about being abused in the relationship. Don’t nam fucker loves you if they beating the hell out of you. If they do, they have a funny ass way of showing their love. If you have to beat my ass to prove to me that you love me, then hell, I don’t want to be loved by you. Hate me shit! I’ve seen soooooo many relationships where the woman is getting her ass whooped like Floyd Mayweather beat Pacquiao. I’m talking about beat down, drugged, and punched. Men too! I’ve seen the youtube videos where men be getting they damn lights punched out by their gf’s or baby momma’s and shit. It’s not always the man beating the woman, it’s more cases in this instance, but men get the business too.

That shit aint healthy. And if you’re one of the ones who’s being physically and or mentally abused, leave his/her ass! That shit can turn deadly in the long run..hell, sometimes in the short run. Aint nothing cute about being beating up and then be seen with that person the next day. That makes you look bad. I know some folks don’t give a damn. They like to keep lumps and knots on their body. But on the for real tip, if you’re in an abusive relationship, leave. Is it worth your life? Love don’t suppose to hurt….not physically.

I’m Kassie Leigh Perkins and I approve this damn message