Okay this will be short and to the point yall. If you’re in a relationship and the two of you stay together, is it your responsibility to keep up with your partners misplaced things? Hell no! He/she should be responsible enough to keep up with the things they feel are important to them. Why should an argument take place all because you assume I should know where you placed your Beats by Dre headphones?


They don’t belong to me, so why in the hell should I have to help yo’ grown ass keep up with your belongings? That’s just wrong to throw a temper tantrum on your mate behind some stupid shit like this. Do I need to go take you to the potty as well so you want piss on ya’ boxer shorts? Make sure you dry off and not drip? Get the hell out of here. If you’re in a relationship and you’re constantly being blamed for your partner misplacing their things, tell them to grow up and fuck off!