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Heeeyyy everybody!!! I’ve been missing for a while, but im baacckkk!! I hope you all are doing wonderful! I’ve been asked to talk about dating outside of your race…..

First of all let me say, I don’t have a problem or an issue with anybody dating outside their race. Shit, I’ve dated outside of my race before and It was no difference than me dating someone of my race. I say go for it if that’s what your heart attracts. Love has no color. As long as that person is good to you and you’re good to them, have at it. You can’t help who you fall in love with. Black, green, white, or purple, they all can get on ya damn nerves in due time..lol..

But seriously, if that’s what your heart desires, then don’t fight the feeling. Sometimes it’s like a wift of fresh air dating outside of your race. You can learn a lot from that person, as they can learn things from you as well. If you have parents, friends, relatives who have a problem with you dating outside of your race, let they ass know that they aren’t the ones dating the person, you are!  They dated who the hell they wanted to, so what’s the issue with you choosing your mate?  You must live for you. No through the eyes of your mother or father. They will have to learn to respect your decision and carry on. Never allow anyone to interfere with your ways of dating. Date who you choose and have no regrets….unless the mf you dating ends up being a psycho! lol..date wisely and protect your heart while doing so.