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Who’s yo daddy?

Not yo’ mf ass! I hate it when a female calls her man “daddy”. He aint cha damn daddy. And the way some of them say the word makes it sound even worse. Why does it have to be the soft baby voice when females say the word? Ladies, FYI, it is NOT cute to call yo’ man daddy. Who said that the shit was cute? And men, you shouldn’t want your woman to call yo’ ass daddy. What does it do for you exactly? Does it make you feel more superior or some shit? I’m just wondering. And ladies, do you call your man daddy during sex? Hell no, I couldn’t do it!! Slap my ass daddy…wait, what?! hold up, wtf am I saying?! That’s borderline disgusting! That should turn a man off during sex to be called daddy.

Ladies, call his ass something else. Like pooh bear, honey boo, boo, something other than daddy! I thought I’d bring this up because I was just irritated by a GROWN ass woman out in public calling her damn man daddy…can you say fingers to the back of the damn throat!