Have ya’ll ever had somebody who has tried for years to get at you and you just aint feeling they ass? Well I have. It’s happing to me as I type in this damn blog. How many times can you tell they ass no, and turn down all of their advances in order for them to get the damn pic? Shit, I thought it wouldn’t take long for his ass to get the pic, but shit, it’s been years!

Has anyone ever said something to you that made you respond like..”do what na’? or say what na’? Come again?” I have those moments all the damn time. One of thse “do what na’?” moments came today. Okay, so this long time guy friend of mines and let me stress this word..FFFRRRIIIEEENNNDDD…who also have a damn woman came texting me with some crzy ass shit. We gone call him crzy ass, cause he had to been crzy out of his mind for this boldness.This is how the convo went…..

Crzy ass: I’m really wanting some intimacy!!

Me: Do what na”? (you ask this to make sure you getting a clear read on things..cause a mf tripping)

Crzy ass: You read what I said

Me:Do you have the right person? (cause he couldn’t have been talking to me with this bs. NEVER slept with his funny looking ass and NEVER will!

Crzy ass: Yea I do have the right person

Me: Well I can’t help yo’ ass. And that was mighty bold of you.

Crzy ass: I know it is but I really need you just this one time

Me: Come again mf..you got a damn woman laying nxt to u every damn nite that suppose to take care of tht problem.

Crzy ass: She’s been hvn medical issues for the lst few months, she’s in the hosp rite now, had surgery the other day.

Me:Blank stare..blink blink…ookkkaayy..well man I’m sorry to hear tht.

Crzy ass: Thanks, she’ll recover

Me: I said to myself….well mf you just gone hv to wait for her ass to heal, cause I can’t and won’t help ya! I said, she’ll be right and tight for ya.

Crzy ass: You still hvnt addressd my concern abt intimacy

Me: blank stare again…I said yes the hell I did. if I didn’t come out and say yes, aanndd a bitch done went all around your ?? with subliminal messages, that means NO mf! Really mf?

Crzy ass: Don’t be so hard on me baby girl, what what weekend will you be available?

Me:Mf didn’t you just read what I said! No..Use ya’ mf hand! I wont be ready no damn weekend! Not for yo raggedy ass anyway! I think you better change up the convo, cause yo’ ass is about to get the business!!

Crzy ass: So what you been up to today?

I couldn’t believe he approached me with tht bs..lol..I was seconds away from unleashing the dragon on his stankin ass! So do what na? I thought he would change up the convo..lol…I doubt if he’ll try tht again. He better wait for curly Sue to get well….

I know im not the only onw who has had that “do what na’?” moment…especially in the relationship..you hv to ask a mf to come again when it sounds like they saying some crzy shit. lol..