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Women can be timid creatures. Sometimes rolling with the punches to keep down confusion is an easy way out. Going with the current and the flow of the river and allowing your man to think he’s always right, is not the business. No brownie points will be earned for this behavior. If a man is talking down to you and you allow it, you have no respect for yourself. Respect comes from within. Always love yourself first. If not, you’re in no position to love as you should in a relationship. You need to practice soul searching first.

If you’ve had issues from your man wanting to be your father, telling you what you can and cannot do, don’t allow it. Tell his ass you’ve already been raised once by your parents and there’s no need to attempt to raise you again. A man will only go so far. If he figures you’re not putting up with the bullshit, he’ll take three steps back. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jacks ass saw that he wasn’t running shit. Put your foot down and stand up for yourself.