This one is for the ladies. I must remind you that this is a matter factual dating blog. I’m gonna keep it real and tell it like it is.


Ladies, don’t be so damn stupid to force a baby on a man just so you can keep him in yo’ life. I get so tired of hearing about these stories. News flash idiot, having a baby by a man hoping that it will keep him around is out right STUPID! You’re only making it hard on yaself, cause 9 times outta 10, he wont be around to help you with the kid. You’re the one who will be up thru the night alone with the kid, you’re the one who will have to worry about finding a sitter, you’re the one who has to load the kid up and take him/her where ever you go. He may support you from a distance  financial wise, but there will be no bonding time with you are the kid. Yall won’t be a big ole happy family who lives happily ever after.

You’re gonna end up with ya’ damn feelings hurt for being selfish. I’ve heard of women poking holes into condoms. Really? Oh, I’ve heard plenty of stories where some women claim to be on the pill, knowing damn well they aren’t. The stupid shit some women do to hold on to a man. Get yo’ life in order. Don’t force a man to want you. Cause like I said, forcing one to have a child by you will only set you up for failure. Child support helps financially, but you still wont have him in you or the babies life physically. He’s gonna reject you and the child. Don’t do it to yourself.


Don’t be stupid. Think before you do a foolish act.