Do you have trust issues with your man/woman? If so, why is that? Did he/she cheat on you in the relationship or did you bring that shit from a past relationship? If they did cheat on you during the relationship and you’re still with them, you need to learn to re-trust again. Because obviously you love him/her enough to work things out. If so, leave the past in the past. If they aren’t giving you a reason to snoop through their things, why snoop? True they cheated before, that doesn’t mean they are cheating now. And if you find something to be suspicious, will that make you break up with them then? You didn’t leave before, so what would be different? Stop looking for shit.

If you’re one of those ones who like to drag old shit into a new relationship, stop! Just because the last person cheated, doesn’t mean the person you are with now will. Leave that shit in the past. Everybody is different, nobody is perfect. Learn to trust and  learn to forgive. I’m not saying be a damn fool, you need to know when to leave the relationship if there reasonable cause to do so.


What’s in the dark will come to light.