Fellas, what ever happened to being courteous to your woman? Opening the car door, pulling out the chair, holding the door open as she tramples thru? Hell, I’m beginning to think they don’t make them like that anymore. I love to be shown politeness. When a woman cooks  dinner, more than likely she’s gonna fix her man’s plate and summons him to come eat, or kindly take it to him. Return the favor. Show her how much you honor her by doing the small things such as the gestures I named above. That’s only a handful of courteous acts, but there are plenty more. Dudes these days want to act too damn hard, like its a shame to open the car door up for his woman. Thinking it will make him look like a pussy. No, what it shows is that you love your woman and you cherish her. Treat her like  fragile glass, handle her with care. In the long run it will pay off for you.