Men don’t give a damn where they meet a possible prospect. Once they’ve met all the women they can in Wal-Mart and the local gas stations, they venture out to the church house. Probably haven’t been to church in decades, but they got word that church is where most of all the nice innocent women are. But hell, sometimes it’s where the biggest freak is found. Some men know this, some don’t.


Ladies, a man that’s on a constant prowl for a new victim, will stoop so low as to finding a woman from the church house. I say victim because, the ones who prey on women time after time and never dedicate himself to a relationship is only looking for one thing. The woman becomes the victim because she falls for his charm, only for him to get what he wants and vanish from her life like a thief in the night. He never have plans to settle down with a woman, only to stir up her emotional state. Look out for the fly by night type of guy.