There is nothing wrong with falling into your man/woman. But ladies, sometimes we move too damn fast and end up with hurt feelings. Don’t be so eager to give a guy your all in one damn week. Make him earn your heart, love, sex and time. Give the relationship time to prove itself.

From the relationship guide Man Cave


Women sometimes think that if they’re submissive to their man that he will love her forever. If you think that way… what tree did you fall from? No brownie points earned, point blank. Women like to be loved and we love fast and hard at times. Sometimes too damn fast.

You meet a guy, you’re into him, he’s into you, and he tells you he’s in love with you, you’re in love too… so you think. You have sex with him; he breaks if off afterwards, you’re left looking stupid. Whewww that was a lot. You’ve been duped into lying on the lava bed of love and didn’t realize the volcano was about to erupt. Don’t be afraid to fall in love, but don’t let your guard down so soon.