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Ladies, please know the difference between an abuser and someone who loves you. The problem with an abuser is, he’ll physically, mentally and verbally abuse you. Then afterwards, he’ll claim to love you. Most women feel as though he really do love them when he’s abusive. If the abuser isn’t beating up on them, or giving them black eyes, and fat lips, they feel as if they are not being loved by him. That gives them total power over you, because you allow him to continue with the abuse. Verbal abuse and mental abuse have just about the same impact as physical abuse. All three can make you feel worthless and that in turn, blossoms into low self-esteem.

Moral to the post. Ladies, don’t become a man’s punching bag, regardless of how much you think he loves you. Just like the Ray Rice story, he cold cocked his fiancé on the elevator it was captured by camera for the world to see. You can’t tell me that those two hadn’t been duking it out with each other before the world saw it. They been fighting with each other waaayy before the video. He’s probably knocked her ass out times before. But that’s what she likes apparently. Afterwards, she married his ass. Some women like that shit, it makes them feel like they are truly loved. No, that makes you weak and venerable!! Don’t no damn man have any business putting his hands on a women. Especially punching her in the face like she’s a man. If you allow him to do it once, his ass is gonna do it twice. Some women bring on the abuse.

You MUST love yourself first. Always have your best intrest at heart. Relationships have it’s up’s and down’s. But hell, you shouldn’t want to find yourself down on the damn floor from being cold cocked by your man. I’m just saying.