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When you know that a possible prospect isn’t your cup of tea, but you chose to date him regardless, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Don’t become desperate and step away from your better judgment. Don’t put yourself in numerous positions with a guy whom you know full well is not what you’re seeking.

However, if he has the potential to be what you want him to be, then maybe he can be molded. Don’t waste your time molding him; if you only see “one” of the umpteen qualities you look for in a man, you won’t be happy. Be truthful with yourself and stick to your guns.



This snippet from my book Man cave, can go both ways. Anytime you date below your standards, don’t bring yourself down a few notches to be where that person is. Always be real with yourself and know when to keep it moving or stick by that persons side. If there is potential there, then you may have stumbled upon a diamond in the rough.