man cave cover

Men are the worst when it comes to clinging to their phones. Why is that? Do they not know that this maneuver makes them look guilty of hiding something? Well, of course they don’t. When your man keeps his phone under lock and key that makes you wonder and conjure up your own reasons as to why he does it. But hell, who likes to think they’re man is cheating? NO ONE. But with the clinging to the phone, it makes a woman prong to snoop.

            The mission becomes, get his cell at all cost, a mission that may spin into mission impossible. It can turn you into a part-time detective. It can make you like an Eagle, searching the earth’s floor looking for prey. Who would’ve thought a cell phone could hold your interest more than your favorite soap opera or reality show?




**This section can actually go both ways for the man or the woman. If you have nothing to hide, why hide your phone? You’ll only cause a raised eyebrow when you do so. Be honest and faithful to your mate. Give them the secure feeling of being the only one and assure them that there is noting to worry about. Don’t allow their mind to wonder.





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