Hello all. I’m gonna touch on a subject that I hope many of you are NOT guilty of. Don’t do anything crazy because your current mate wants nothing to do with you any longer.. What I mean by that is don’t bring harm to yourself just to get attention. I know of a person who’s mate was at his wits end and felt he needed to end the relationship. She begged him to stay with her, but he refused to do so. She became unstable, and developed low self-esteem. After all of her failed attempts to get him back into her life, she drove over to his house, parked in front of his house, sat in her car and slit her wrists. She knew not to cut in the right place, she made sure she made the cuts well above the main artery area. The moral to this story is, she wasn’t crazy, she wanted attention from him. But even after the stunt she pulled he still didn’t take her back. At that point, he thought the bitch was crazy and he was glad he left the relationship.

There aint no man or woman worth you hurting yourself over for attention. If they chose to leave you, then the best way to look at it is, it’s his/her lost. Because believe me, they aren’t thinking to harm themselves for you. It’s not worth it. Go on about your life proudly. There are too many men/women in the world who do harm to themselves all because their mate left them. You have to know your worth. You have to have the mindset of you can do better and will do better. Don’t ever allow them to see you squirm. Even if your heart feels like a ton of bricks were just unloaded on it, never let them know just how bad it’s hurting. Hell, they know they broke your heart, theres no need for you to do something stupid to stop it from pumping. It’s NEVER that serious. Love your mate, but love yourself more.

P.S Don’t harm the next person all because they chose not to be with you anymore. You’ll only find yourself behind bars or in a mental institution. Don’t go doing crazy shit for attention!