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Hello all. Today I want to talk about being true to yourself. I’m gonna keep it short and sweet.


First of all if you know you’re into females and you know that you are, why waste your time with a male who may try to win you over? Same thing with men who are into dating men. Why waste your time? I have a friend girl who met her child’s father at the church. They got married and a year later they had a child. All the while, he was gay, but portraying otherwise. She found out when he stopped sleeping with her. She paid attention to his ways and his closest friends. Come to find out, he was screwing one of the friends the whole time he had been in his life. He was his lover. She invited his ass into her home on many occasions, and all the while, they were more than friends. She was so hurt behind it all. How could she compete with another man? She couldn’t. Even after she found out, she was willing to take him as he was. But deep down she knew she needed to move on. You like what you like, you desire what you desire. Don’t string another individual along just to use them as a cover up. What’s done in the dark will come to the light. Be truthful to your damn self and live your life how you see fit.