Hello all, today I’m gonna touch on sex in the relationship and the word not tonight. Men, this topic is mainly about  you…sorry:)…When your boo thang tells you no not tonight, she’s not telling you never again. She’s not denying you from the love making, but it’s just a temporary hold until she’s ready. Men have it all misunderstood. They have to bitch and cause kayos when they hear the word no. Why? It’s better to be understanding than making the situation more hostel. When you do that, you only put yourself deeper in the hole and sex just may be put on pause for a short period of time because you’ve pissed her off. The only good that can come out of this is the make-up sex.

Be patient with your woman if she tells you not tonight. Instead of bitching about it, offer her a back massage or a foot rub. Women can put sex off for many reasons, not just to tell you no for the hell of it. Make her feel that you don’t mind waiting even though you may feel like your balls weigh 2 tons. She may give you special treatment instead, so don’t get upset, wait to see what she may offer you instead of sex if you know what I mean. No does not mean NEVER