Hello all, today I want to talk about one of the number 1 reasons why some relationships fail…allowing friends to intercept.

I know we all at least once in our dating period share personal information that goes on within the relationship. Guys and gals do it all alike, but females are the worst at it. We are all human and there are times we must vent about some bullshit that may have taking place in the relationship. Who better to blow some steam off to other than your friends right? Wrong! Your friend will always have your back. They will always be your cheerleader and root you on from the sidelines. Mainly because, for one, they asses may be lonely and currently isn’t dating. For two, they don’t want to see you happy or in a committed relationship. They miss their party girl. You had to cut out a lot of the shit you use to do before, because now you have a man in your life who occupies most of your free time. So hell yea, they are gonna talk bad or down about your man.

It’s okay to vent, but make sure you’re venting to a person who’s understanding and won’t always take your side in the matter. Hell, if you have a brother, vent to him. Well, as long as its nothing that will make your brother want to kick his ass then converse with him. Talking shit about your mate, but yet, you’re still involved in the relationship only proves further that it probably wasn’t all that serious in the first place for you to talk behind their backs with your friends. You’re not leaving him/her, so why have a roasting party on them? Then in most cases, some of your friends will run back and tell other associates of yours, and the shit gets back to that person and you’re left looking like a damn fool. Don’t tell your friends EVERY LITTLE thing that goes on in your relationship. They aren’t in the relationship…you are.