Hello all, I’m gonna keep it short and sweet this go round. I know some of you may be reading my title and going huh? Don’t play possum? Well, you’ve read correctly. Meaning if you know that your relationship is heading towards the  trenches, don’t pretend like you aren’t aware of the seriousness. Don’t fool yourself. There are a lot of people who are involved in relationships that are damn near over, but they continue to fight for it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s not a damn thing wrong for fighting for your relationship, but if you’re the only one fighting for it, what’s the use? Don’t act like you don’t know that you’re no longer wanted by your significant other. Denial is a bitch. The longer you attempt to hang around, the more unwarranted actions from your mate will be displayed. Going out and hanging out all night, you calling him/her with no answer, no more intimate time, no dates, affection or communication.

Let that shit go if you’re experiencing any of the things I just mentioned above. You must love yourself first, don’t play possum just to block out true feelings from the other person. You may want it to work, they don’t , Know when to let the shit go. If you’re not wanted, why hang around? You’re only gonna look like a fool once you see with your own eyes that they have moved on without you. There are other fish in the sea. Know your worth.