Hello all, today I want to take a moment to talk about keeping the relationship fresh. I know some of you are probably thinking, keeping it fresh, what tha hell does that mean? It means keeping it from being redundant, stale, boring, and lack of enthusiasm. I’m speaking to the couples who have been together for a few years and who have found things between the two of you being less entertaining. I want to give you a few pointers to keep things fresh. Not just sex wise, but from a relationship stand point as well.

First thing if you’ve been with your significant other for a while and the bedroom is beginning to feel more like a place where you go to lay your head, spice things up. The bedroom is for sleeping, but its also for love making and the sounds of moans and groans. You can take your moans and groans to another level. Have sex in the garage in the back seat of your vehicle. Pretend like you’re in a secluded park trying to get one off before the cops drive up on you. Go to the wash room and place her on top of the washer and bang her back out there. Sneak into a public restroom in a restaurant and have sex in one of the stalls. I prefer a private restroom, the door can be locked with just you two inside. Leave everyone’s mouth dropped open once they see the two of you walking out. Man, what a rush!

If the relationship is growing bored, take frequent trips to neighboring states to explore. Pick a weekend every month just to get away. Nothing too expensive have to take place. Just spending time away from your normal domain can bring a spark. Have couples night at your place. I personally like pasta night, or wings and beer night. Laughs with other couples is always great entertainment. You get the chance to talk a little shit and play games or watch movies. Another thing that’s good to do is have solo date nights. Go out for dinner and do the movies. Also try miniature golf or ride go-carts. Surprise your mate with a romantic dinner, and afterwards, end the night with a massage and bubble bath soak…and a little strip tease. I have more ideas where these come from, I just wanted to touch on a handful for any of you that may need some ideas to keep the relationship fresh. I hope they were helpful.