In every relationship there can be a little bit of deceit or a lotta bit. Most of the time it’s the guy who’s being untruthful. Women usually put their all into the relationship and can attach themselves quickly to the guy. When that happens, she can possibly find herself hurt by his actions.

If you’re currently in a relationship and you’ve discovered deceit from your man, let him hang himself. They usually do. If you think he’s cheating, try not to become a private I and snoop through his things. Trust me, it’s gonna come to the light. If you have proof that he’s been lying to you for whatever the reason is, ask yourself is the relationship worth it. If things are going on and you know it but continue to put up with the bullshit…shame on you. Don’t be naïve to the fact that he’s doing wrong.

You deserve better if he constantly reminds you of the reason you want to leave his ass. In other words, if he continues with the behavior…leave. Why put up with it and he’s not showing signs of changing? Always love yourself first. If you love him, it will be challenging, but it can be done. Have outlets like your friends or family. Wrap yourself up into a hobby. Before you know it, in due time, he will become a distant memory. Same thing goes for the guys if they are in a relationship full of lies.

Love don’t live here….be gone.