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Hello all! I’m not new to blogging, but this is my first relationship blog. My name is Kassie Leigh Perkins, I’m also an author. I have two relationship books out right now on and Smashwords. They are Men Who Do They Think They Are? and Man Cave A Woman’s Guide. Both book have matter factual advice on men and relationships. This blog will be matter factual as well, so I hope you’re ready to read it like it is. Please share my blog with any woman who’s seeking advice in a sister to sister kind of way. My blog will cover everything from sex, relationships’, divorce, meeting a new guy, and getting rid of the old ones. Follow my blog and receive the latest advice on men.

I’m a southern girl right from the heart of Arkansas. I may use some “southern twang” in my blog, I’m just giving you all heads up. I’ve been called crazy, funny and very blunt, but overall, I tell it like it is. I’m here for my fellow sisters to give my advice the only way I know how… I keeps it real.

Kassie Leigh