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Ladies, dating can be fun when you first meet your new guy friend. Spending time together and making one another feel loved is the most fuzzy feeling in the world. You’re for him as he is for you. Then there is the meeting of the families. Isn’t that a good feeling to introduce your new man to your parents? You feel at that time, he’s the man of your dreams and he’s gonna be with you for ever and ever. You feel important when he introduces you to his family, that’s showing you that he feels strong about the relationship, and he truly loves you.

The love the two of you make will be like a firework expedition on the 4th of July. There will be lots of screwing and holding one another. You’ll want to spend every moment with him. You’ll find yourself telling all of your girlfriends how he makes you feel and how much he adores you. Everything will feel so right until…………..

You find out in a few weeks how much of an asshole he is, how he’s selfish, deceitful, and unfaithful. In order to get a man, we must date. Now don’t think your’re gonna be with the first man you ever date, because more than likely, he wont be the one. Especially for the young girls. I was once a teen myself can you believe that?(Tee Hee)I already knew that my first boyfriend was not the one for me. I ended up dumping his ass before he could dump me. Every blue moon, you’ll hear of a story where boy meets girl, and they marry and live happily ever after.

Dating is like a trail period. You have to meet new guys to see if they are potentially the one. We all long for that long gevity relationship. But sometimes, we have to deal with a few assholes to find “Mr.Right”. Don’t go poring all your heart and soul into a man who you know is not worth your time. Some women know that a guy may not be right for her but insists on dating him. You’ll only set yourself up for failure when you pull this stunt. All the “I told ya so’s” will be telling you “they told ya so” in the beginning of the relationship. Sometimes we can get hard headed and test the waters anyway. Only to find out we’re in the wrong damn lake. We all make mistakes when dating a man who we “thought” was the one. But men can be such the con artists. They know how to play on our emotions like a game of basketball. Don’t allow for a man to keep you under his spell. If you know better, you’ll do better.


~Date causally…don’t fall head over hills with the first guy you meet. Continue dating, I’m not saying be a whore, just date.

~Don’t show eagerness…don’t for one second show him you’re feeling him. Allow for him to show his “true” feelings first.

~Don’t call or text excessively…see if he thinks of you, just as much as you thinks of him.

~Test him…when the two of you go out on a date, look for attention…meaning, pay attention to how much he listens to you. Look for interruptions. Some guys are all for self. They like to brag on what they have or what they’ve done.

~Never give up the goods on the first date…don’t show him how a 2 for $20.00 dinner at Chili’s can get you out ya draws. He’ll know you’re easy, and you’ve allowed him not to work hard to earn the va jay jay.

~After the first date, if he hardly calls…you return the favor. No matter how cute or charming you thought he was, don’t call him. He obviously wasn’t that in to you.


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Kassie Leigh