Don’t do it

What’s up everybody? Its been a long ass time since I last wrote here. I gotta do better with my time management. Any who, I’m gonna make this post sweet and short. It’s a message for both men and women. I see this kinda thing way to may times and it’s some shit that can be avoided if you just think before you react….


Don’t allow a woman or a man to cause you to stoop to the level of stupidity. Doing shit that you know is stupid as hell and prolly get yourself in a heap of trouble just from stooping so low. It aint worth it, and often times, that’s what the so called victim wants is to see yo dumb ass doing some stupid ass shit. They pulled your chain and you follow suit…Just don’t do it.


Sorry side chic/dude


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The holidays are here and some of you will be mad as hell because your “boo” have excluded you from his/her family functions. Now now, hush your fuss. You should have known the job description before you signed up for the job. In bold print towards the bottom of the application, it clearly says, PLEASE NOTE* YOU WILL NEVER BE INVITED TO ANY FAMILY FUNCTIONS WHAT SO EVER. THIS RULE IS NONNEGOTIABLE. IF YOU CHOOSE TO ACT A DAMN FOOL OR AN ASS WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO YOU NOT BEING INVITED TO FAMILY FUNCTIONS, YO’ ASS WILL BE FIRED FROM YOUR POSITION AS A SIDE CHIC/ DUDE AND YOU WILL BE REPLACED!

So if you’re a side chic/ dude, this should be all the reason not to be! Ain’t shit cool about messing around with a person whose in a relationship. Get your own damn boo, someone who can take you to family functions during the holidays and family events. Someone who doesn’t mind introducing you to his people. Stop settling and get your own! I know you have to call up ya girl or your homeboy to vent about the shit like you dont give a damn, knowing full well you’re in your feelings. Put on ya big girl draws and ya grown man boxer breifs.Go on and celebrate the holidays with your dog😂. At least he won’t mind snuggling with you while you sit lonley watching netflix waiting to get that text message from yo ” boo”. Yes text message. You’ll be back on the roaster after the holidays pass.

You ain’t down


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Hey ya’ll, what it do?! I’m gonna keep this post nice, short, and sweet… Well not too sweet. Feel free to add your two cents guys!

Why is it that if you have a down ass chick or a down ass dude in your life, why cheat? I’m talking about a partner who has your back, someone who you can depend on when you’re down on your ass. A person you can trust with your life. The one person you claim to love with all your being and can’t see yourself without. Why take that chance to fuck up a good thing with the  home front with for some new meat? That person can be all you ever wanted and needed, but yet you stray. Where’s the loyalty?

Get Yo Life


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Hey ya’ll! What it do? been a hot minute since I’ve been blogging, I’m working on doing better:)

Get yo life….

This is for the men and the women. Don’t go getting anxious while waiting for that special someone to enter your life. Becoming anxious can lead you to the wrong person. Often times men and women, mostly women become too eager for a relationship. So eager to the point they will take a man who’s already in a relationship. If he doesn’t give a damn about the relationship he’s in by cheating with you, what in the hell makes you think he won’t do it to you if you were to get him fulltime? What will make you so special? Never settle, cause that’s what you’ll be doing. And on top of that, you’ll only make yourself look bad. Get yo life and take 5 steps back. Wait for a man to come along who can fill that void without any extra luggage.

Some men will run the mill once they’re single. They will try to get as many women as they can just to make themselves feel good about being single. All that will do is cause confusing. You’ll find yourself all over the place trying to please so many women at one time. Get yo life and chill the hell out. Wait for that one special person to enter your life.

Web or not to web


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Dating on an online dating site or meeting a person while you’re out socializing with friends? Which would you prefer?

 Personally, I would rather meet a person while out socializing. It gives you the chance to meet the person in the flesh; you have a chance to feel the person out a bit. Online dating sites work for some, but for most, it’s usually a dating nightmare or you find yourself meeting someone who’s not who they claimed to be. Profile pic looking like a Hollister model, when in reality, they look like Bullwinkle…. But on the serious tip, most people who use dating sites become desperate. They won’t love and they want it now! They feel like hopeless romantics.



Never get jealous


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Never get jealous when you see your ex with somebody else. Cause we were taught by our parents to give our old toys to the less fortunate.